Altiro Studio was formed in 2001 as a platform for creative projects by Alfonso Nieto and Claudia Sandoval. The studio is driven by self-motivated art, experimentation and learning to expand our capabilities, expertise and interests. We design and produce unique hand pulled silkscreen prints, utility tote bags, accessories, textile patterns and objects that are approached with a multidisciplinary and refreshing point of view. 

At Altiro Studio we work as a consulting partner on special projects in the fields of textile, furniture, product, exhibit, retail and interior design. Our background in fine art, sculpture, design and branding development, allow us to create a unique space for collaboration with our clients.

The partners expertise combines art vision and design techniques into unique work that helps to complement our clients personality, sense of style, communication goals or business strategy.

All our products are designed and crafted in Brooklyn, New York.

For branding projects and visual identity development visit our sister company artplugsdesign.